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A message to our community


We want to acknowledge the struggles, sadness and anger over the barriers that still exist for LGBTQIA+ students as their dreams and goals become realized through educational attainment and persistence toward graduation. Please know that the University of Utah extends support to our broader community, and we work as part of a larger network of organizations that care deeply for LGBTQIA+ people in our state.

Members of our LGBTQIA+ Utah community seeking resources for support can contact the LGBT Resource Center (LGBT RC) at the University of Utah at lgbtrc@sa.utah.edu or 801-857-7973. The LGBT RC can help facilitate connections to support resources in the state, including those cases in which a community member might not feel comfortable contacting a resource directly. We especially encourage University of Utah students to contact the LGBT RC to learn more about campus support resources available to them, in addition to resources in local community. For any U of U students seeking an affirming space to process and be in community, the LGBT RC is located in 409 Student Union, and open every Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, even during this week of Spring Break. 

We recommend reaching out to any of the following organizations to learn more about resources that include support groups, counseling, and emergency support:

To anyone who is currently struggling, please know that you are not alone. We believe in the power of community and you have a widespread network, which includes organizations who are dedicated to supporting you and seeing you thrive. We are proud to be a part of such a caring and dedicated network of folks and will continue to work towards fostering inclusive and welcoming environments.

The U is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion 

The University of Utah strongly condemns bias, discrimination, racism, bigotry and hate in the strongest possible terms. We support fostering an inclusive campus and are committed to diversity. U administrators want to assure students, faculty and staff that they are dedicated to creating a safe, welcoming and equitable campus where we work together to engage, support and advance a living, learning and working environment that fosters values of respect, diversity, inclusivity and academic excellence.