Women’s Week 2019
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Women’s Week is an annual, weeklong event focused on issues and challenges women face in America. Topics are relevant to today’s socio-economic and political climate, intersectionality, and cultural movements. This year's Women's Week theme "Redefine" explores what it means to be powerful or to be radically creative. Join us as we hear how folx like Gabby Rivera define these traits and incorporate them into their work, their communities, and their daily lives.

  • Women's Leadership Summit
  • March 5
  • 12:00 PM
  • Union Ballroom
  • The 2019 Women's Leadership Summit, “Rise Up, Lift Up,” will engage a broad spectrum of voices. It will allow space for participants to explore what leadership means and how to harness skills that can build on in their own lives. All breakout sessions will provide participants knowledge, skills, and/or experiences that will offer a foundation for them to inform their definition of leadership. The summit will invite participants to rise up but also lift others up with them.
  • Empower U Symposium
  • March 5
  • 9:00 AM
  • Health Sciences Education Building
  • In celebration of Women'sWeek, the Women in Health, Medicine and Science (WiHMS) program and the Office of Health Equity and Inclusion is pleased to host the Empower U Symposium. President Ruth Watkins will give a Keynote Address, followed by a series of negotiation workshops aimed at faculty, staff and trainees. All are welcome to attend.

    Free Admission and Refreshments
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  • Pizza & Politics
  • March 6
  • 12:00 PM
  • Hinckley Caucus Room (GC 2018)
  • Feminist political engagement has historically taken many forms- from the polls to the streets – in the fight for social justice. Grassroots organizations and community organizers recognize the struggle for gender and racial justice often means working outside the bounds of existing institutions that perpetuate the marginalization of individuals, families, and their communities.

    How do communities redefine political engagement and organize themselves to address the marginalization imposed by systems of power? What lessons can we learn from past and present autonomous organizing and social movements?

    Our featured panelist, Edxie Betts, is a Black Blackfoot Filipina/Trans/Queer liberation artist and autonomous organizer. Their work is centered around advocating for non-white queer and trans communities.
  • Redefine
  • March 6
  • 3:00 PM
  • ACME Lab (UMFA)

    The International Tolerance Project is a traveling poster exhibition created and organized by world-renowned designer Mirko Ilić. The exhibition features more than one hundred works from artists around the world and deals with topics of tolerance that the artists care about. More than 20 of the posters were carefully chosen by the UMFA’s ACME Lab team to feature locally with the goal to present tolerance of others as a starting point toward the broader goal of acceptance.

    Jorge Rojas, UMFA’s Director Education and Engagement will co-facilitate a dialogue with Dr. Annie Isabel Fukushima and Franci Taylor, of the U’s Women of Color Academics group. Join them for a discussion on gendered and racialized positionalities, and how these inform the idea of (in)tolerance.

    Co-sponsored by UMFA's ACME Lab and Women of Color Academics.
  • Gabby Rivera
  • March 7
  • 12:00 PM
  • Union Center Ballroom
    Gabby Rivera is a queer Latinx writer living in Oakland, CA. She is currently writing AMERICA, America Chavez’s solo series, for Marvel. America is Marvel’s first Latina lesbian superhero. Gabby’s critically acclaimed debut novel Juliet Takes a Breath was listed by Mic as one of the 25 essential books to read for women’s history month, and it was called the “dopest LGBTQA YA book ever” by Latina.
  • Learn about Gabby
  • Writing Workshop
  • March 7
  • 1:30 PM
  • Union East Ballroom
  • Come hone your radical creativity with Gabby Rivera!
Thank you to our committe members and sponsors!
  • Committee Members:
  • Estela Hernandez
  • Susie Porter
  • Annie Isabel Fukushima
  • Franci Taylor
  • Jorge Rojas
  • Neelam Chand
  • Feleti Matagi
  • Emily Pantoja
  • Danielle Martinez
  • Tricia Sugiyama
  • Whitney Hills
  • Marcella Kirschbaum
  • Rebecca Smith
  • Catalina Cardona
  • Madeline Navigato
  • Kaya Aman
  • Jenna Matsumura
  • Sponsors:
  • Office for Equity and Diversity
  • Division of Gender Studies
  • UMFA's ACME Lab
  • Women of Color Academics
  • MEChA
  • Hinckley Institute of Politics
  • Office of Health Equity and Inclusion
  • Women’s Enrollment Initiative