Ciriac Alvarez Valle

March 6, 2018 Women of Color to Watch

Documentation. The metric the United States government uses to determine a person’s rights within the U.S. Here is a story of a U alumna who has had first-hand experience. Ciriac Alvarez Valle was born in Mexico and was five when she immigrated to Utah for better opportunities with her family. “I remember the kind of […]

Irene Ota

March 6, 2018 Women of Color to Watch

Standing against bigotry and discrimination, Irene Ota’s passion and work centers around raising awareness of privilege and oppression. But it was her life experiences that lead her to her passion. Ota was born in Japan, seven years after the Second World War. Her family moved to the United States when she was nine months old. […]

Kiman Kaur

February 5, 2018 Women of Color to Watch

Education—an important value to many. But for Kiman Kaur, education has become the most vital piece to her life and to her family. Within education lies personal growth, opportunities, and change. It was at a very young age when Kaur’s parents stressed the importance of education and how it is the one thing that cannot […]

Lilly Kanishka

January 29, 2018 Women of Color to Watch

A director, a student, an activist. Lilly Kanishka was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a first-generation university student. Her parents are refugees from Afghanistan who came to the United States 30 years ago. While growing up and attending predominantly white schools, she remembers the prevalence of Islamophobia especially after the […]