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The mission of the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) at the University of Utah is to advocate for American Indian and Alaskan Native students through recruitment and retention projects that lead to graduation. The AIRC serves as a vital link between American Indian and Alaskan Native students; the University; and the larger community. The AIRC works to increase American Indian student visibility and success on campus by advocating for and providing student centered programs and tools to enhance academic success, cultural events to promote personal wellbeing, and a supportive “home-away-from-home” space for students to grow and develop leadership skills. The AIRC also strives to advance public education concerning American Indians and Alaskan Natives on the University of Utah campus and in surrounding communities.


  • Make the University of Utah the “destination” university for American Indian students; locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Recruit – Encourage – Retain – Graduate American Indian students.
  • Increase American Indian Enrollment into Graduate Programs
  • Create stronger collaboration with all regional American Indian Nations

Our Advisors and Staff

Franci Taylor (Choctaw)

Director of the American Indian Resource Center

George Nelson

Graduate Assistant