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Office for Equity and Diversity

OED Administration

Kathryn Bond Stockton

Associate Vice President for Equity and Diversitykathryn.stockton@utah.edu • 801-581-7569

Nicole R. Robinson

Assistant Vice President for Equity and Diversitynicole.robinson@utah.edu • 801-585-7926

Jennifer Aoyagi Bangerter

Director of Budgeting & Faculty Recruitmentj.aoyagi.bangerter@utah.edu • 801-581-7833

Neelam Chand

Director of Marketingn.chand@utah.edu • 801-587-3342

Feleti Matagi

Director of Developmentf.matagi@utah.edu • 801-581-4378

Marina Tijerino

Administrative Assistant to the AVPmarina.tijerino@utah.edu • 801-581-7569

School for Cultural and Social Transformation


Kathryn Bond Stockton

Deankathryn.stockton@utah.edu • 801-581-7569

Jennifer Aoyagi Bangerter

Assistant Deanj.aoyagi.bangerter@utah.edu • 801-581-7833

Jen Wozab

Student Support Coordinatorjen.wozab@utah.edu • 801-581-5140

Marina Tijerino

Executive Assistantmarina.tijerino@utah.edu • 801-581-7569

Division of Ethnic Studies

Ed Munoz

Chair of Ethnic Studiesed.munoz@utah.edu • 801-581-5886

Elizabeth Archuleta

Academic Program Managerelizabeth.archuleta@utah.edu • 801-581-5499

Maria Morales

Administrative Assistantmaria.morales@utah.edu • 801-581-5206

Division of Gender Studies

Susie Porter

Chair of Gender Studiess.porter@utah.edu • 801-587-8094

Kim Hackford-Peer

Associate Chairkim.hackford-peer@utah.edu • 801-585-3283

Pat Ross

Administrative Assistantpat.ross@utah.edu • 801-581-8094

On-Campus Resources


Pedro Moncada

Admissions Counselorpmoncada@sa.utah.edu • 801-585-6718

Salote Halatoa

Admissions Counselornswanigan@sa.utah.edu • 801-585-1994

Moana Hansen

Assistant Director for Recruitmentmhansen@sa.utah.edu • 801-585-1320

Mateo Remsburg

Associate Director for Office of Admissionsmremsburg@sa.utah.edu • 801-585-1994

ASUU Tutoring Center

Leslie Giles-Smith

Directorlgiles@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-5153

Center for Disability Services

Scott McAward, Ph.D.

Directorsmcaward@sa.utah.edu • 801-585-6148

Center for Ethnic Student Affairs

Tricia Sugiyama

Directort.sugiyama@utah.edu • 801-587-9568

Paul Fisk

Transfer Coordinator & Advisorpaul.fisk@utah.edu • 801-581-3328

Rudy Medina

First Year Coordinator & Advisorrudy.medina@utah.edu• 801-585-1538

David (Tevita) Kinikini

Family Support Coordinator & Advisord.kinikini@utah.edu • 801-581-8151

Tony Shirley

Outreach Coordinator & Advisora.shirley@utah.edu • 801-585-6458

Portia Anderson

Retention Coordinator & Advisorportia.anderson@utah.edu • 801-587-9569

International Center

Sabine C. Klahr

Director of the International Centersabine.klahr@ic.utah.edu • 801-581-8876

Chalimar Swain

Associate Director of the International Centerc.swain@ic.utah.edu • 801-581-8876


Carolyn Bliss, Ph.D.

LEAP Program Director, Health Sciences LEAPc.bliss@leap.utah.edu • 801-581-3283

Seetha Veeraghanta, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, LEAD Faculty for Engineering LEAPs.veeraghanta@utah.edu • 801-581-7597

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Resource Center

Gabriella Blanchard

Interim Director of LGBT Resource CenterGBlanchard@sa.utah.edu • 801-587-6233

Bree Peacock

Executive SecretaryBPeacock@sa.utah.edu • 801-587-7973

Office of Housing and Residential Education

Barb Remsburg

Director of Housing & Residential Educationbremsburg@housing.utah.edu • 801-587-0851

Todd Justesen

Associate Director for Residential Educationjustesen@housing.utah.edu • 801-587-0881

Aichatou Konte

Assignments & Occupancy Coordinatorakonte@housing.utah.edu • 801-587-0320

School of Medicine Office of Inclusion and Outreach

Office of Inclusion and Outreachmedicine.utah.edu • 801-581-7203

Transfer Center

Terese Pratt

Academic Program Managertpratt@uc.utah.edu • 801-581-8146

Academic Advising Center

Beth Howard

Associate Dean, Academic Advising CenterBHoward@advising.utah.edu • 801-581-7787

John Nilsson

Assistant Dean, Director of Appeals for General Educationjnilsson@advising.utah.edu • 801-581-8146

University Counseling Center

Rob Davies, Ph.D.

Outreach & Group Therapy Coordinatorrdavies@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-6826

University Neighborhood Partners

Rosemarie “Rosey” Hunter, Ph.D.

Special Assistant to the President for Campus-Community Partnershipsr.hunter@partners.utah.edu • 801-972-3596

Teresa Molina

Associate Directort.molina@partners.utah.edu • 801-972-3620

Ahmed Ali

Program Coordinatora.ali@partners.utah.edu • 801-972-3596

Abdulkhaliq Mohamed, MSW

Partnership Directora.mohamed@partners.utah.edu • 801-973-6055

Natasha Hansen

Community Capacity and Wellbeing Partnership Managernatasha.hansen@partners.utah.edu • 801-973-6055 h4>Lenn Rodriguez Site Coordinator, UNP-Hartland Partnership Centerlenn.rodriguez@partners.utah.edu • 801-973-6055

Almaida Yanagui

Community Organizer & Assistant Partnership Managera.yanagui@partners.utah.edu • 801-972-3596

Women’s Resource Center

Debra Daniels, LCSW

Directorddaniels@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-8030

Kimberly A. Hall

Associate Director,Development Officerkhall@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-8030

Flor Olivo

Program Coordinator Sponsored Student Initiative/Go Girlz InitiativeFOlivo@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-8030


College of Education

Ceceilia Tso

Director of American Indian Teacher Education Collaboration (AITEC)ceceilia.tso@utah.edu • 801-587-8324

William A. Smith, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Diversity, Access, & Equity, College of Educationdiversitydean@utah.edu • 801-581-8221

College of Engineering

Morgan Boyack

Diversity & Retention Coordinatormorgan.boyack@utah.edu • 801-581-4528

Ajay Nahata

Associate Dean for Academic Affairsnahata@ece.utah.edu • 801-581-5184

College of Health

Shari Lindsey

Academic Advising Coordinatorshari.lindsey@health.utah.edu • 801-585-5764

College of Humanities

Taunya Dressler

Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Affairstaunya.dressler@utah.edu • 801-585-9733

College of Law

Minority Law Caucus

S.J. Quinney College of Lawmlc@law.utah.edu

Robert L. Flores

Minority Law Caucus Faculty Advisorfloresr@law.utah.edu • 801-581-5881

College of Nursing

Lillian Tom-Orme, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.

Research Assistant Professor and Diversity Coordinatorlillian.tomorme@hsc.utah.edu • 801-585-5246

College of Science

Tanya Vickers

Director of the Access Programtanya.vickers@utah.edu • 801-581-6517

Lisa Batchelder

Administrative Program Coordinatorbatchelder@science.utah.edu • 801-581-3374

College of Social Work

Irene Ota

Diversity Coordinator & Diversity Instructorirene.ota@socwk.utah.edu • 801-581-8455

David Eccles School of Business

Richard A. Kaufusi

Director of the Opportunity Scholars Programopportunityscholar@business.utah.edu • 801-585-1752

Salt Lake Community College

Multicultural Advisors

For more information about Multicultural Initiative department advisors, click here.

Luz Gamara

Hispanic/Latino(a) Student Groupsluz.gamara@slcc.edu • 801-957-3349

Elizete Bond

Hispanic/Latino(a) Student Groupselizete.bond@slcc.edu • 801-957-4238

Glory Johnson-Stanton

African/African American Student Groupsglory.johnson-stanton@slcc.edu • 801-957-4380

Sadie Tsosie

Native American Student Groupssadie.tsosie@slcc.edu • 801-957-5135

Tien Pham

Asian/Asian American Student Groupstien.pham@slcc.edu • 801-957-3881

Student Employment and Cooperative Education Services (SECES)

Salt Lake Community College provides comprehensive employment assistance to students and employers. For more information, click here.

Jack Hesleph

Director of Student Employment and Cooperative Educations Servicesjack.hesleph@slcc.edu

Phyllis Martinez-Seyler

Employment Specialistphyllis.seyler@slcc.edu • 801-957-4218

Computer Workshops Department

Salt Lake Community College provides quality, short-term education and training for individuals, business, and industry.

Dan Trujillo

Manager, Computer Workshopsdan.trujillo@slcc.edu • 801-957-4845

The Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP)

The SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Program partners with high schools to extend the privilege of college-level coursework to motivated high school students. Upon successful completion of each course, students can earn both high school and college credit. For more information, visit here.

Steve Crowther

Director, Concurrent Enrollmentsteve.crowther@slcc.edu • 801-957-4668


For more information on Trio Programs, click here.

Tung Thantrong

Manager, Trio Stem Staffthanhtung.thantrong@slcc.edu • 801-957-5054

Julie Jackman

Program Manager, SSS Staff • 801-957-4179

Eli Covarrubias

Advising, SSS Staff • 801-957-4628

Other Resources

Sonia Parker

Director of Academic and Career Advisingsonia.parker@slcc.edu • 801-957-4446

Richard Diaz

Director of First Year ExperienceRichard.Diaz@slcc.edu • 801-957-4433

Other Resources

Honors College

Sylvia Torti

Dean of the Honors Collegesylvia.torti@utah.edu • 801-581-7383

Educational Opportunities Programs – TRIO

Kyle Ethelbah, MPH

Director of University of Utah TRIO ProgramsKEthelbah@sa.utah.edu • 801-581-7188