Who we are

We in the Office for Equity and Diversity are comprised of leaders, experts, and educators who drive the University’s efforts to create a safe and welcoming campus climate.


We’re pretty proud of our awesome team of dedicated people here in OED. Please take a moment and get to know us!


We try to serve all students on campus by providing safe spaces for everyone to meet, study, and interact with advisors who care.


We have several wonderful advisors who live to help their students! Visit one of our student centers today and meet them!


We have a large array of diverse student groups for both undergraduate and graduate students! Become a part of our community!


We have a new School for Cultural and Social Transformation that houses both Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies.


We are deeply committed to enhancing student success, recruiting our future leaders, and engaging with key community members on and off campus.


Supporting Student Success

  • Resources
  • Student Programming
  • Academic Programming
  • Scholarships
  • Academic Advising

Recruiting Future Leaders

  • Diverse Faculty Hiring
  • High School Conferences
  • Outreach Efforts

Engaging Community

  • Events
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsors


There are many reasons why we do what we do, but one of our favorite babies is our First Year Diversity Scholars program. 30% of the new Freshman student population from 2014-2015 were underrepresented students, which was a record for the University of Utah. We’re proud to report that the Diversity Scholars program alone accounted for 6% of that 30%- that’s 20% of the entire diverse Freshman student population! Successes like these keep us believing in what we do.
(Numbers provided by the University’s OBIA)