What is U-FIT?

U-FIT is a family-centered, family-friendly program designed for children and youth with special needs. We provide physical activities in a fun, noncompetitive atmosphere that will help individuals reach their goals! By working along side skilled volunteers, the program is designed to build friendships, increase self-esteem, improve motor skills and levels of physical fitness while ultimately having fun in a nurturing environment. The key to the success of the U-FIT Program is through family involvement of those who participate. U-FIT tries to meet the goals and needs of the family that is as diverse as the participant.

Where and when are U-FIT activities held?

The activities are held on Friday evenings from 6pm to 8pm in HPER Building (East 101) and in the HPER swimming pool. You can park in the lot just north of the HPER Buildings. The program follows the University academic calendar but does not meet in the summer.
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The U-FIT Program provides trans-disciplinary practicum and service learning opportunities for university students. The benefits of the program include:
  • Volunteers are offered hands-on exposure to the challenges children with disabilities and their families face every day. The volunteers come from a number of fields throughout the University of Utah, including: special physical education, special education, physical education, recreational therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, medicine, and others. Students who participate can then incorporate their learned knowledge into their professional lives.
  • U-FIT also offers leadership opportunities for graduate students in special physical education. Strengthening the leadership skills of the students is a benefit that travels way beyond the scope of U-FIT’s mission.
After filling out the volunteer application online. You will then be contacted by the volunteer coordinator.