B. Cole launched the Brown Boi Project in 2010, which works to build leadership, economic self-sufficiency, and health FOR young masculine of center womyn, trans men, and queer/straight men of color–pipelining them into the social justice movement. Cole has worked across the U.S. and internationally on issues of leadership development and building social capital for young people of color.
B. Cole will be part of two events in Pride Week at the U.
Gender as we know it is over. We just don’t know it yet. Gender has been completely transformed in the last decade, but that’s nothing compared to what we will see in the next five years. Gender is everywhere and it permeates all of our society. It is the first and foremost box we are handed when we are born, a gendered box tied to race. Join us for a session that explores the intersection of race and gender from 1st and 2nd wave feminist approaches while integrating queer theory. Centralizing the history and experiences of people of color, this session will give all of us better tools to live an authentic life.

There is power in the collective. As students of color it is important to understand the culture that surrounds higher education. Join B. Cole for conversation on how to make the most of your college experience. From life planning to understanding cultural capital, Cole dives into navigating the education system as first generation. Building power and community with other students of color. Learn about leadership and scholarship opportunities, connect with other students and the national Brioxy community.
Registration is required – lunch will be served.