General Qualifications: 
  1. Submit a complete application by 5:00 pm, Thursday, March 31st, 2016
  2. Must have and maintain a cumulative 2.7 GPA
  3. Be a resident of the state of Utah
  4. Be admitted to the University of Utah working on an undergraduate or graduate degree
  5. Be a matriculated student at the University of Utah
  6. Must have already completed 1 semester of coursework at the University of Utah at time of application
  7. May not be employed in the University of Utah LGBT Resource Center (LGBT RC) at time of application or be scheduled to begin a graduate assistantship in the LGBT RC the following Fall semester
  8. First-time applicants will be considered first
  9. Undergraduate focused, maximum of 1 scholarship will be awarded to a graduate student
    The Scholarship Packet must contain: 
  1. A completed signed LGBT RC Scholarship application
  2. Completed Application Questions
  3. Official copy of college transcript(s)
  4. Two letters of recommendation