The Second Year Experience Program supports students by reflecting on their first-year experience and conducting a deeper self-exploration of their identity, values, and life goals. Students will develop a graduation life plan through engaging in workshops, cohort meetings, and networking opportunities with graduate and alumni from historically underrepresented backgrounds. The program helps students in selecting a major, preparing for a career path, and developing their ideal future self.

Upcoming Workshops

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Fall 2018 – Planning for Graduation Workshops

The fall semester is over!

Spring 2019 – Professional Panel Sessions

The Spring semester is over!


Giulia Soto

Second Year Program Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Giulia

Abby Romero

Graduate Assistant
Union 235

Benefits of the Second Year Experience Program

Network with Graduates & Alumni

Guidance & Support in Selecting a Major

Preparing for a Career Path

Safe Space for Cultural Expression

Connect to Resources on Campus

Self-Exploration of Identity, Values, & Life Goals

Support Planning to Achieve Life Goals

Guidance Finding Involvement Opportunities

Program Requirements

  • Attend Sophomore Welcome Back Orientation
  • Meet monthly for Second Year Experience Cohort Meetings
  • Meet at least once with Second Year Program Coordinator each semester (Fall & Spring)
  • Attend at least two Professional Panel Sessions
  • Attend Camping Weekend Trip (Spring)
  • Complete Graduation Life Plan (Complete throughout the Year)
  • Attend Chatting with a Professional Gatherings (Optional)
  • Join the Famtorship for Social Justice Program (Optional)

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