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Welcome to the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) at the University of Utah. Located at 1925 De Trobriand Street, bldg. 622 in the Fort Douglas area of the campus, the center serves as a home away from home for American Indian students, provides support, tutoring, scholarships, computers for research, and a place for meetings, classes and events.

Read about the U’s use of the drum and feather logo in a recent Continuum article.

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The University of Utah Utes: Working Toward Understanding

From the Indian Country Today Media Netowrk
By Christina Rose

In 2011, David W. Pershing, president of the University of Utah, promised the Indigenous Students and Allies for Change (ISAFC) he would slowly phase out the team name Ute as well as the feather and drum logo. But ISAFC co-chair Samantha Eldridge, Navaho, said Pershing changed his mind once the Ute Indian Tribe called for a Memorandum of Understanding.

Phil Chimburas, a council member of the Ute Tribe in Fort Duquesne, Utah, said it was too soon to discuss the MOU. “We are still in negotiation,” he said.

But Forrest Cuche, Ute elder, cultural advisor, and Utah’s former Director of Indian Affairs—a position he held for 13 years—said the MOU could include scholarships for Ute students and an educational plan. While the MOU is not expected to call for retirement of the name or logo, Cuche is in agreement with Ethridge that fan behavior must be addressed.