University of Utah Office for Equity and Diversity

Diverse Transfer Student Program

Welcome Diverse Transfer Students!

As a diverse transfer student at the University of Utah, you are an important part of the campus community. Your experience at the University is unique in that you bring your experiences from your previous college, have possibly chosen your major, taking upper-division courses, seeking out internships to further your career, and looking for research opportunities to apply to a graduate program. You chose to transfer knowing it would bring you new opportunities!

The Diverse Transfer Student program seeks to help you bridge your experience at your former college to the University of Utah by supporting you through the admissions process and providing you important academic and community resources to help you successfully reach your academic goals while at the University of Utah!

Is It Time To Transfer?

How do you know when you’ve arrived at the best time to transfer to the U? Should you finish your Associates Degree or transfer earlier? These are important questions for all potential transfer students. Here are some options open to transfer students considering transferring to the U:

News and Announcements

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