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An invitation to celebrate the whole of all of us

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion and Alumni Relations are planning a new intersectional graduation ceremony to honor our beautiful and complex histories, experiences, communities, and families.

Mary Ann Villarreal  •  March 3, 2022

Recently, an invitation to participate in an Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) graduation ceremony was distributed to graduating students across campus. EDI and the Office of Alumni Relations initiated the request as a way to honor the accomplishments of the communities we nurture and serve. This celebration also provides an opportunity for our new alumni to connect with U Alumni and become familiarized with their Alumni Communities to continue contributing towards student success after they have left the University of Utah. It is a celebration that honors our beautiful and complex histories, experiences, communities, and families.

In an effort to create ceremonies within the ceremony, we invite this year’s graduating class to design an extraordinary movement of honoring not just their milestone, but the cultural and community traditions that support them. Perhaps, even more important, traditions that we weave throughout the university so that the University of Utah will always reflect the intersectionality of our student body.

Let’s begin a new way of celebrating the whole of us.


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