Early Belonging Program

Are you a prospective student? This program is for you! The Early Belonging program aims to create opportunities for students to explore the joy of learning, establish a sense of community on campus, and develop tools for student success well before the first day of classes. Prospective students can choose from a variety of Early Contact programming that aims to build relationships and connect students to potential academic communities. The Early Contact program is intended for prospective and incoming students who want to gain a sense of community and belonging before arriving at the U.


  • Connect and develop relationships with your academic communities on campus
  • Meet your future peers
  • Select a variety of Early Belonging Programming
  • Receive free swag items
  • Attend end of program “Welcome to the U” party

Program Requirements

  • Identify as a Prospective Student
  • Identify with a historically underrepresented/marginalized identity(ies)
  • Fill out the “I’m interested” form
  • What to expect after completing the “I’m interested” form:

    • Receive a confirmation email from the Early Contact Program Coordinator
    • Choose as many Early Contact Programming that interests you
    • Confirm and come ready to engage!
    • Prospective students are students who are interested or curious about the University of Utah.

    • Students who identify from one or more of these communities: BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, people of Color), identify as a Women, LGBTQIA+, neurodivergent or with a disability, first generation (first in your family to go to college), and other minortized groups. If you are still unsure, please contact the program coordinator!

    • Early Contact programming is created to encourage BIPOC and other minoritized individuals to experience the University of Utah in a more intimate way by creating opportunities for students to hear from current students and their experiences, chat and build relationships with their faculty members and get to know potential majors and minors.

    • Creating a sense of belonging is a basic human need (Strayhorn, 2019). Developing belonging and various communities on campus for students will elevate and make meaning to your college experience. Students will be more aware of potential major pathways, meet their peers, develop relationships with faculty/staff, and become aware of involvement and scholarship opportunities. Early Contact programming is setting prospective students up for success!