Second Year Experience

The Second Year Experience Program is designed for underrepresented second-year students to conduct a deeper self-exploration of their identity, values, and life goals. The program assists students in expanding their professional network, receiving mentorship guidance in their career path, and keeping them accountable for their goals.


Students in the Second Year Experience Program will gain mentorship support in achieving their academic, career, health & wellness, and scholarship/financial goals. Through engaging in cohort meetings and networking opportunities with alumni professionals’ students will design their strategic graduation life plan.

  • Network with graduates and alumni
  • Network with upperclassmen
  • Support planning to achieve life goals
  • Preparing for a career path
  • Self-exploration of identity, values, and life goals
  • Safe space for cultural expression
  • Career readiness

Program Requirements

  • Attend Sophomore Welcome Back Orientation (August)
  • Meet monthly for Second Year Experience cohort meetings
  • Attend mentorship meetings with advisor
  • Attend weekend camping trip to a national park (Spring) ← Learn about our trip in 2019!
  • Complete Graduation Life Plan (Complete throughout the Year)
  • Attend Chatting with a Professional (Optional)
  • Attend Chatting with an Upperclassman (Optional)
  • Join the Famtorship for Social Justice Program (Optional)