Famtorship for Social Justice

Program Contacts:

Giulia Soto

Second Year Program Coordinator & Advisorgiulia.soto@utah.edu • 801-581-8151

Portia Saulabiu

Retention Coordinator & Advisorportia.saulabiu@utah.edu • 801-587-9567

Emilio Camu

Beacon Scholar Advisoremilio.manuel.camu@utah.edu • 801-585-0911

Gabriella Blanchard

Interim LGBT Resource Center Director & Coordinator of Education & OutreachGBlanchard@sa.utah.edu • 801-587-7973

The Famtorship for Social Justice Program is designed to connect undergraduate students with like-minded people that will help them achieve their academic and career goals. Students will develop a relationship with a University of Utah staff, graduate student, alumni or community leader professional that will support them in their next step whether it’s navigating the university system, preparing for grad school, or preparing professionally for the workforce. The program aims to create a space where mentors that identify as either first-generation, low-income, students of color, undocumented/DACAmented, and LGBTQIA* can share their experiences and support mentees in developing skills that will allow them to be transformative and impactful leaders at and beyond the University of Utah.

First Year Diversity Scholars

Program Contact: Rudy Medina

First Year Coordinator & Advisorrudy.medina@utah.edu • 801-585-1538

First Year Diversity Scholars is a First-Year Seminar that has achieved outstanding academic accomplishments and retention rates. The First Year Diversity Scholars Program supports students through a personalized campus orientation, regular interactions with faculty and staff of color, academic advising, multiple mentoring relationships, and off-campus community engagement opportunities. Most notably, the program is implemented as a cohort model that includes traditional admitted students, sponsored students, and scholarship students.


Program Contact: Portia Saulabiu

Retention Coordinator & Advisorportia.saulabiu@utah.edu • 801-587-9567

The Leaders of Resilience, Diversity and Excellence (LORDE) Scholars program is named after the great author, scholar of color, and activist for social justice and LGBTQ rights – Audre Lorde. The program connects students to resources and opportunities across campus while building students up to be successful academically and allows students to increase their leadership development, be mentored, and have space to have critical dialogues about things that matter to people from historically underrepresented backgrounds and identities.

Parent and Family

Program Contact: David (Tevita) Kinikini

Family Support Coordinator & Advisord.kinikini@utah.edu • 801-581-8151

The Office for Equity and Diversity (OED) values our parent and family members and the role they play in the lives of their students. The Parent & Family Partnership (PFP) in the Office for Equity & Diversity (OED) offer ways for parents and family members to stay informed and connected to the University of Utah community and their students. The OED Parents and Families Partnership (PFP) stays connected by organizing family campus visits, monthly email newsletters and web updates to keep parents informed. We offer resources for you to understand your student’s experience at different stages in his or her collegiate career. To do this, we communicate regularly with families via our helpline, emails, digital newsletters, Facebook and website.

Second Year Experience

Program Contact: Giulia Soto

Second Year Program Coordinator & Advisorgiulia.soto@utah.edu • 801-581-8151

The The Second Year Experience Program supports students by reflecting on their first-year experience and conducting a deeper self-exploration of their identity, values, and life goals. Students will develop a graduation life plan through engaging in workshops and networking with graduates and alumni from historically underrepresented backgrounds. The program helps students select a major, prepare for a career path, and develop their ideal future self.

Transfer Diversity Scholars

Program Contact: Paul Fisk

Transfer Coordinator & Advisorpaul.fisk@utah.edu • 801-581-3328

The Transfer Diversity Scholars Program helps diverse students with successfully transferring to and navigating the U of U. We provide services, resources, and community to help accomplish your goals and further your education.

Supported Programs

Faculty Hiring Initiative

The Office for Equity and Diversity is proud to be part of this initiative to increase the number of diverse faculty on campus. Read the U’s “Strategies to Increase Faculty Diversity Guiding Principles and Processes” here.

DREAMers & DACA Scholars

We understand entering college can be confusing, and helping students is our highest priority at the Office for Equity and Diversity. This page is designed specifically to assist students who identify themselves as DREAMers, or have recently been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) status. With information on how to access educational resources, find support and allies on campus, and navigate U of U procedures, we hope this webpage helps you, and your family, feel welcome and be successful in your educational pursuits.