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Making it Accessible: Actions for Accessible Events, Presentations, Social Media, and Basic Web Design

December 1 @ 12:00 pm 1:30 pm MST

In this event for the Day of Disability and Neurodiversity, a panel of campus experts will provide brief overviews and demonstrations of basic accessibility practices for web design, social media posts, and event planning.

People with disabilities often face barriers to their full participation in the university community. People using screen-readers or text-to-voice programs come up against confusingly organized webpages and social media posts without alt text for images. Those with low vision or visual processing disabilities are obstructed by low-contrast webpages or inaccessible fonts and left out by presentations in which visual displays aren’t verbally described. Deaf and hard of hearing people are excluded by online events or videos without captioning. Those who need nearby parking can’t find out if they will be able to access the venue, and wheelchair users are forced to take roundabout routes to accessible entrances or find themselves barred from physically inaccessible spaces.

A series of brief presentations will convey simple step to make your webpages, posts, and events more accessible. They will cover alt-text, video-captioning, accessible advertising, and accessibility practices for in-person and online events. A question-and-answer session will follow.

ASL interpretation will be provided and auto-captions will be available. All requests for event access support and other questions or concerns may be directed to

portrait of Dr. Angela Marie Smith

Angela Marie Smith
Director, Disability Studies Program
Associate Professor, English and Gender Studies


Dr. Angela Marie Smith is an Associate Professor in English and Gender Studies. She is director of Disability Studies at the University of Utah and co-chair of the university’s Universal Design and Access Committee. Dr. Smith teaches and researches on the topic of disability representation in film and popular media. She is the author of Hideous Progeny: Disability, Eugenics, and Classic Horror Cinema (Columbia, 2011), and several articles on embodiment and visual media.

Eunice Contreras
Event Manager
Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion


Eunice (she/her) is passionate about planning memorable events where attendees feel welcome, engaged, and connected. Originally from Guatemala, Eunice calls Utah her home and strives to help others as often as possible and seize each day by traveling, reading, going to the movies, or having a good cup of coffee with friends.

portrait of Lillian Duong

Lillian Duong
The University of Utah


Lillian Duong (she/they) has been studying at the University of Utah for a couple of years. She is visually impaired and received a visual impairment right as they entered their university years. Lillian is a Psychology Major who is discovering more about herself and her feeling about different cultures and behaviors within multiple demographics, including the visually impaired and blind community.

portrait of Chris Green

Chris Green
Associate Director, Assistive Technology & Alternative Formats
Center for Disability & Access


Chris Green (he/him) has been working in the field of accessible media for 15 years, beginning at the Utah State Instructional Materials Access Center, a project of the Utah State Office of Education, managing production of accessible print and digital content for K-12 students statewide who were part of the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind. Chris was recruited to come to the University of Utah to manage the Assistive Technology & Alternative Formats (accessible media) program for the Center for Disability & Access, which works to provide and promote campus-wide universal design, accessibility, and inclusion for students with disabilities. He has a bachelor’s degree and Master of Arts in Teaching from the University of Utah.

portrait of Barbara Iannucci

Barbara Iannucci
Director, Content Management & Usability
Information Technology
The University of Utah


Barbara received her Bachelors in Computer Science from the University of Utah. After a brief stint in the video game industry where she learned about work/life balance, she pursued a career in technology at the University of Utah. Starting as the webmaster for the David Eccles School of Business, she was eventually recruited by the University’s main information technology department (UIT), where she proceeded to move into increasingly higher-level positions. Barbara learned about the importance of web accessibility early on in her career and has worked to promote awareness and best practices across the institution ever since.

portrait of Jen Rosio

Jen Rosio
Graphic Designer
Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion


Jen (she/her) graduated from Weber State University in Design for Digital Media and Illustration. She integrates social justice, accessibility, and inclusion into her practice — striving to always be growing and learning in her practice as she comes from a background of both philanthropic and corporate design. When not downloading too many typefaces from Adobe and Google Fonts, Jen has a passion for finding the best coffee downtown, collecting vinyl records, and listening to KEXP with her cat, Luv.

portrait of Andrew Thompson Landerghini

Andrew Thompson Landerghini
Social Media Manager
University Marketing & Communications


Andy Thompson (he/him) has been crafting social media content for the University of Utah since the nascent days of Facebook and Twitter, when newspapers were printed daily. A graduate of the U, Andy worked for the Daily Utah Chronicle as a news and opinion writer and online editor. He majored in mass communication with a journalism emphasis and minored in creative writing. Andy began his career with University Marketing & Communications as a copywriter and account executive, working with various departments, including Athletics.

IntersectX12 mark

This event is part of the IntersectX12 initiative. IntersectX12 is a reminder that we must strive to honor individuals’ intersecting identities not only during nationally recognized months, so we encourage you to honor, celebrate, and engage with our communities every day, 12 months a year. As members of underrepresented groups have made and continue to make countless contributions to our campus community, IntersectX12 serves as a year-round acknowledgment of the work being done to create an inclusive space where everyone feels they belong.

Day of Disabilty and Neurodiversity

Day of Disability & Neurodiversity

This event is part of the Day of Disability & Neurodiversity: December 1, 2022.

The Day of Disability & Neurodiversity recognizes the year-round importance of promoting understanding and inclusivity on campus and facilitating discussions on ways to improve access for all.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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Center for Disability & Access

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Universal Design and Access Committee

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