At this time, payroll deductions and online (U Give) donations only contribute to our American Indian Scholarship Program, Diversity Scholarships, and Chicana/o Scholarship Fund initiatives. If you wish to contribute to other causes, please call 801-581-5640 or consider the giving by mail option. Thank you.



Community is at the center of our work. Built to foster a sense of community, belonging, and cultural awareness, we try to serve all on campus by providing safe spaces for everyone to meet, study, and interact with others.

American Indian Resource Center

The American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) works to increase American Indian student visibility and success on campus by providing and advocating for programs and tools to enhance academic success, promote personal wellbeing, and develop leadership skills.

Black Cultural Center

Using a pan-African lens, the Black Cultural Center (BCC) seeks to holistically enrich, support, and advocate for faculty, staff, and students through Black centered research, culturally affirming educational initiatives, and service.

Center for Ethnic Student Affairs

The Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA) is committed to providing programming that assists students in navigating cultural, economic, social, and institutional barriers in order to achieve academic excellence and develop advocacy skills.

Dream Center

The Dream Center works holistically with undocumented students and mixed-status families from college access to graduation. They engage in specialized college outreach and access strategies, provide individualized advising and scholarship support, promote campus-wide advocacy and trainings, and increase community-wide awareness of policies affecting current and future U of U undocumented students.

LGBT Resource Center

The LGBT Resource Center acts in accountability with campus by identifying the needs of people with a queer range of (a)gender and (a)sexual experiences and responding with university-wide services. The goal of the Center is to provide resources, a safe environment, and educational outreach programs.



Those who benefit from our scholarships are often the first of their family to attend college and hail from historically underserved communities. As these students navigate the transition from home to university life, your support makes a difference.

American Indian Scholarship

This scholarship supports students who are committed to working towards their educational goals and demonstrate the ability to make positive changes in their community. It will provide mentorship, resources, and academic advising from the time of admission through graduation.

Chicana/o Scholarship Fund

Established in 1973, the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund (CSF) is committed to all students of diversity who promote the cultural pride and tradition of the Chicana/o-Latina/o community. CSF recognizes and assists students in their undergraduate and graduate education endeavors.

Dreamer Support Fund

The Dreamer Support Fund in the Dream Center is designed to support undocumented students (with and without DACA) at the University of Utah. Donations contribute to scholarships, emergency support, and expanding access to opportunities.

Diversity Scholarships

Our office helps connect diverse student leaders, and students from underrepresented populations, to a wide range of scholarships for encouragement and support. All our scholarships reward community leadership and service and aim to enrich the educational experience of all students at the University of Utah.

Diversity Emergency Fund

The Diversity Emergency Fund contributes financial support to students facing a crisis or unexpected expenses. This funding is not intended to replace existing financial aid and does not have to be repaid. Applicants are required to meet with a staff member in order to discuss their application.

George Floyd Memorial Fund

The George Floyd Memorial Fund in the Black Cultural Center was established (2020) in response to a national call for action after the death of George Floyd. This fund will directly support students and programs committed to advancing the interest of the next generation of aspiring Black leaders.



Our cultural events and programs assist students with achieving their academic goals and engage communities – on and off campus – in critical dialogues all yearlong.

Famtorship for Social Justice

Help students with their next academic or career step! The Famtorship for Social Justice Program aims to create a space where famtors can share their experiences and support famtees in developing skills that will allow them to be transformative and impactful leaders at and beyond the U.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Week

Celebrating the educational access and opportunities that Dr. King’s legacy has provided in the United States, Martin Luther King, Jr. Week has become a platform to engage students, faculty, staff and community members in critical conversations around contemporary Civil Rights issues and race.

Panel Sessions

The Second Year Experience Program and CESA‘s Panel Sessions provide a platform for graduates and professionals to engage in dialogues on challenges and advice for underrepresented students. Topics of discussion have included career experiences, major selection, and preparing for graduate school.

U of U

The annual Powwow is an opportunity for tribal members throughout the Intermountain West and others to meet to honor the cultural and religious practices of their community. The University of Utah’s Powwow is supported by our office in collaboration with the Inter-Tribal Student Association.

Pride Week
at the U

Pride Week at the U is a week-long event that celebrates the diversity of gender and sexual identities among the larger campus community. Events provide a platform to promote visibility, engage in dialogue, and provide welcoming and affirming spaces for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty, and staff.

U Remembers

Commemorating the lives of the victims during the Holocaust, U Remembers — a weeklong event that reflects on the historical effects of genocide, pulls parallels from contemporary social issues of today. Weeklong events typically include a film screening, a student panel discussion and a keynote address.


Women’s Week is an annual, week-long event focused on gendered issues and challenges in Utah – and the United States as a whole. Topics are relevant to today’s socio-economic and political climate, intersectionality, and cultural movements. Typical events include a keynote, panel discussion, and student workshops.