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Dear University Community

During this time, we are here for you.


Dear University Community,

We know this is a most difficult time for many in our community with the developments of the last few months. The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) family is also in pain as we too are experiencing frustration and anger as we begin to process what the last few days have meant in this country.

Despite media narratives that have framed recent protests as shocking or as not connected to our local experiences, we know that events of targeted police brutality against Blacks/African Americans are not new and not far away from us. This violence also does not exist in isolation to other forms of oppression. Many of us have experienced discrimination, harassment or even acts of violence or have supported students who have these experiences. We bring varying lived experiences and different privileges to our EDI family, but we share a belief that Black lives matter, and that the lives of Black/African American students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members matter to us in a way that cuts deeply and personally.

During this time, we are here for you. We are committed to being in this together. While we don’t have all of the answers, we have faith in our collective power as an EDI family. In the days ahead, we will be partnering with other campus departments to share resources for support, hold space for us to process, learn together and change the narrative. In the meantime, we encourage you to reach out and speak up to support and amplify the voices of those who have been marginalized.

In solidarity,

Kaya Aman
Ella Blanchard
Pamela Bishop
Kathryn Browning
Paloma Felga Cariello
Dayan Castañeda
E.C. Comstock
Eunice Contreras
Donna Eldridge
Meligha Garfield
Chris Harris
Shelby Hearn
Jessica Hernandez
Melanie Hooten
David “Ti” Kinikini
Mauricio “Mo” Laguan
Clare Lemke
Xris Macias
Feleti Matagi
Jude McNeil
Kamarie Nicdao
Emily Pantoja
Bree Peacock
José E. Rodríguez
Luisa Sujey Rodriguez
Liz Rogers
Portia Saulabiu
Anthony Shirley
JaTara Smith
Paula Smith
Giulia Soto
Tricia Sugiyama
Franci Taylor
Luis Trejo
Moani Tuitupou
Mary Ann Villarreal
Jen Wilson