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Iman Ibrahim


Iman believes a “good life is one filled with self-love,” which often means relaxing with her cats, painting, and sleeping. “I LOVE to sleep. On a chair, in a car, on an actual bed sometimes, or anywhere I find comfortable.” But don’t misunderstand, as a graduate from the Academy for Math, Engineering, and Science and a current University of Utah student pursuing degrees in Chemistry with an emphasis in Biology and a minor in Arabic, Iman is highly ambitious; and she hopes that this ambition never changes, which we don’t see happening anytime soon!

Iman has a strong commitment to her goals and a work ethic that will certainly see her through. Her strategy consists of “small increments to a goal… even if it is just writing it down or meeting with someone,” and admits that she would feel lost if she wasn’t in pursuit of her aspirations. After her mother passed away, Iman had to create this kind of confidence and drive in herself, explaining, “I lost the person I was striving to make proud… It’s always hard hitting these milestones without her, but I learned how to be my own best friend and cheer myself on.”

I always try to make small increments to a goal… even if it is just writing it down or meeting with someone. If I wasn’t doing that I honestly don’t know what I would be doing.

As a recipient of the Utah Opportunity Scholarship, it’s hard to miss how successful these lessons have made her already! She sees this scholarship as representing, “the triumph of my family’s determination, assiduous work ethic, and the bravery they bestowed on me,” and she certainly keeps her family in mind every step of the way. Her sisters are an amazing source of support, reminding her of all her accomplishments when she becomes worried about the future; and she hopes that her pursuit of secondary education will show her family, “the impossible was possible.” Amidst her self-described klutziness, admitting to tripping or almost falling at least four times a day, Iman is certainly defying the odds all while re-designing her apartment “for the third time… in the past six months,” and still managing to find time to enjoy her favorite drink, raspberry iced tea.

I see myself in 5 years showing my family the impossible was possible. They would have never dreamed I would not only be pursing secondary education but also receiving a full-ride scholarship to a renowned school. As I walk across the stage accepting a degree, I will be doing something that has never been done in my family and paving a way for future generations to come.

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