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African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative

Implemented March 2017

Many African American doctoral students upon graduating are only prepared to conduct research. Many institutions do not require that students publish their work, teach courses, develop syllabi, or submit grant proposals. Yet, to be a successful candidate, students prior to graduation have to be able to demonstrate these skills in order to be competitive on the job market. We recognize these gaps and want students to be prepared for 3/3 of their job.

The African American Doctoral Scholars Initiative provides a scholarly community and educational services for African American doctoral students at the University of Utah. These competitive scholarships are awarded annually to full-time African American doctoral students who demonstrate significant potential for leadership, scholarship, and active engagement in their respective disciplines and who also demonstrate a commitment to understanding Black life, history, and culture in the United States. The Initiative prepares African American doctoral students for academic, industry, and entrepreneurial careers through faculty mentoring, advising and professional development.


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