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American Indian Scholarship Program

Implemented August 2016

The time is NOW to support American Indian and Alaska Native Students.
One of the most common misconceptions concerning American Indian/Alaska Native college students is that they receive ample funding or a free-ride education provided through federal grants. In reality, American Indian/Alaska Native students enrolled in college drop out by their sophomore or junior year due to financial hardship and family obligations.

A Solution
The American Indian Scholarship Program will not only alleviate this financial burden, but it will also provide mentorship, resources, and academic advising needed to assist these students from the time of admission to graduation.

The Office for Equity and Diversity and American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) are proud to present its first American Indian, non-major specific scholarship at the University of Utah. This scholarship supports American Indian students who are committed to working towards their educational goals and who demonstrate the ability to make positive changes in their community. The scholarship’s framework will create a lifecycle where students are recruited to participate in our Diversity Scholars Program, led through graduation and mentor as ambassadors to future students and community.

Use Contribute a one time donation or payroll deduction to this initiative.