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The State of Utah Black Affairs Summit

Implemented April 2017

The State of Utah Black Affairs Summit is supported by the University of Utah and many of its diverse departments that strive to improve the racial climate as well as promote student success, transform lives, and engage communities to improve health and quality of life. The Summit’s goal is to promote proactive strategies to reduce the potential of harm and threats on our campus and in our communities.

It aims to connect those of African descent across all disciplines -activists, entrepreneurs, finance, researchers, scholars, politicians, policymakers, law enforcement, lawyers, educators, and students -to provide a sense of community and serve as a platform for educating, networking, collaborating, and the sharing of ideas. The Summit also provides participants with updates on the current climate of the Black community living in Utah.

April 2017

The University of Utah’s Black Faculty and Staff Association hosted the inaugural State of Utah Black Affairs Summit on Saturday, April 15, 2017 from 9am-6pm at the Goodwill Humanitarian Building in the College of Social Work. This event was co-sponsored by Voices of Diversity. The theme was: “Shaping Our Presence, Voice, Leadership and Activism.”

April 2018

The 2018 State of Utah Black Affairs Summit‘s theme was “Presence, Power, and Persistence.” Held at the Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building, the Black Faculty and Staff Association welcomed Emma Houston as the keynote speaker.

April 2019

James Jackson III was the keynote speaker at the 2019 State of Utah Black Affairs Summit. With the theme “Defining Today to Redefine Tomorrow,” breakout sessions were focused on assessment, culture and mindfulness.

April 2020

The 2020 State of Utah Black Affairs Summit has been postponed until further notice.


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