Chosen Names and Personal Pronouns

LGBT Resource Center
Implemented August 2015
In progress

Dr. Vivian S. Lee and Dr. Ruth V. Watkins released a memo on August 21, 2015, asking all staff and faculty to refer to students by their “preferred” name and personal pronouns. When a student enters a name in the “Preferred Name” field on CIS, that is reflected in the class rosters available to faculty. In addition, the LGBT Resource Center encourages the inclusion of the following statement in course syllabi:

“Class rosters are provided to the instructor with the student’s legal name as well as ‘Preferred’ first name (if previously entered by you in the Student Profile section of your CIS account). While CIS refers to this as merely a preference, I will honor you by referring to you with the name and pronoun that feels best for you in class, on papers, exams, group projects, etc. Please advise me of any name or pronoun changes (and please update CIS) so I can help create a learning environment in which you, your name, and your pronoun will be respected.”

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