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Diversity Education for Faculty and Staff

Implemented November 2015

Our students requested there be some training geared towards educating faculty and staff members on language, theory, and experiences around diversity. We agree! Especially when is comes to a classroom space—it is important for students to feel welcomed and understood by their faculty and staff community. To jumpstart this training, a campus committee is working together in developing a comprehensive diversity education program.

June 2020

The Office for Inclusive Excellence expanded their Faculty Intercultural Development offerings to include workshops/consultations such as “Anti-racism in Higher Ed,” “Exploring Inclusivity in the Classroom,” and “Developing an Inclusive Syllabus”.

July 2020

The Office for Faculty in Academic Affairs hired an Assistant Vice President for Faculty Equity & Diversity. A significant part of this position’s portfolio focuses on faculty education, support, and training.

The Office for Faculty’s Faculty & Administrator Support & Training (F.A.S.T.) Program delivers a variety of workshops, seminars, series, and one-on-one meetings that include diversity education for faculty.


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