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Mentoring for Faculty and Staff

Implemented November 2015

We want all of our new faculty and staff to feel welcome and supported when they join our campus community. For this reason, we are instituting mentoring programs to foster relationships and encourage discussions about our university culture, community resources, and relevant issues.

August 2016

In Fall 2016 a pilot faculty mentoring program was launched in the College of Humanities, who had just hired 11 new tenure-track faculty members. (You can read more about the pilot program in this article.) This continued for two more years and is the first of, hopefully, many more mentoring programs on our campus!

August 2018

After two years of successful mentoring in the College of Humanities, the School for Cultural and Social Transformation implemented the pilot mentoring program for the 2018-2019 academic year.

July 2019

The Office for Faculty expanded its faculty mentoring offerings, incorporating attention to diversity, equity, and inclusion into all of its events. This included the Faculty & Administrator Support & Training (F.A.S.T.) Program, which delivers a variety of workshops, seminars, series, and one-on-one meetings that include diversity education for faculty.

July 2020

The new Assistant Vice President for Faculty Diversity & Equity is leading the Office for Faculty’s mentoring program with hopes to expand it further throughout 2020-2021.


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