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The Utah College Advising Corps

Implemented January 2007

The Utah College Advising Corps (UCAC) is a university-based college access program founded on the idea that all high school students deserve equal opportunities to enter institutions of higher education. UCAC College Access Advisors guide high school students through college entrance exam preparation, admissions procedures, and financial aid processes to ensure that all Utah students have access to higher education opportunities at the state’s nine colleges and universities and beyond. Their target cohort are first-generation, underrepresented, and/or low-income high school seniors students. UCAC uses a “near-peer” approach to college advising. As recent college graduates, College Access Advisors have the unique ability to relate to students and to serve as both a role model and mentors. UCAC College Access Advisors believe that by giving more people access to higher education, UCAC not only benefits the lives of the students in the program but has a widespread and lasting positive impact on the state as a whole.