IntersectX12 (“intersect times twelve”) serves as an affirmation that every day, 12 months a year we are committed to embedding a reflection of who we are, what we experience, and how it is that we have changed over time and grow community together.

People, communities, and cultures are more than one identity. IntersectX12 is a unifying theme, message, and platform that will allow us to affirm intersectionality in all we do at the University of Utah. Only with new appreciation and understanding, can we truly begin establishing a culture of belonging and become a model for campus equity, diversity, and inclusion.

IntersectX12 is a reminder that we must strive to honor individuals’ intersecting identities not only during nationally recognized months, so we encourage you to honor, celebrate, and engage with our communities every day, 12 months a year. As members of underrepresented groups have made and continue to make countless contributions to our campus community, IntersectX12 serves as a year-round acknowledgment of the work being done to create an inclusive space where everyone feels they belong.

“As we work to foster a campus environment that centers belonging in all that we do, we have to actively create a culture reflective of all that we are in every space across campus, not just bring attention during specific months that celebrate one part of lived experience or generational history.”

Vice President Mary Ann Villarreal, “IntersectX12” on @theU