The Leaders of Resilience, Diversity and Excellence (LORDE) Scholars program is named after the great author, scholar of color, and activist for social justice and LGBTQ rights – Audre Lorde. The program connects students to resources and opportunities across campus while building students up to be successful academically and allows students to increase their leadership development, be mentored, and have space to have critical dialogues about things that matter to people from historically underrepresented backgrounds and identities.

Focus of the LORDE Scholars Program


Leadership Development

Financial Literacy


Service & Internships


Career Readiness

Culture & Intersecting Identities


All the following activities count towards the Diversity Leadership Certificate:

  • Attend LORDE Scholars Retreat
  • Meet with Faculty/Staff Mentor Monthly
  • Attend LORDE Scholars Monthly Meetings
  • Be Involved in at Least One Student Organization
  • Meet with Retention Coordinator in Student Equity and Diversity Monthly
  • Attend Scholars Hours Weekly
  • Attend at Least One Student Equity and Diversity Event Each Semester
  • Attend LORDE Scholar Social Activities Monthly
  • Meet Regularly with Diversity Scholar Mentee
  • Create a Year-Long Project Related to Social Justice, Equity, and/or Topic of Critical Cultural Relevance

Apply to the Program

Apply to be a Mentor

Apply to be Mentored

Program Contact

David (Tevita) Kinikini

Retention Programs Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235