Past Events


Intersectionality in Health Education & Care

As we discussed in 2020, we celebrate individuals—the “me” part of MEDiversity. The “diversity” part of the name means that we recognize that each of us is unique, and regardless of race/ethnicity/gender etc., we all add to the diverse tapestry of our campus. For 2021, we recognized the multiple identities that exist simultaneously within all of us. We emphasize that recognition of our individual intersectional identities will help us understand each other, but more importantly, it will help us serve our patients.

Recordings from MEDiversity Week 2021, can be visited through this link.

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Disparities & Equity in Healthcare

For the inaugural MEDiversity Week, our participants explored the barriers that exist and persist for various communities to receive consistent, culturally sensitive, and high-quality care in the United States. Events provided insight into centering equity, inclusion, and anti-racism within programs and initiatives while navigating national trends and local issues and ensuring progress towards addressing our institutional racism.

If you missed any of these events, there are recordings we have made available to watch and revisit the incredible work being done on our campus and in our communities.