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MEDiversity Newsletter Intake Form

The University of Utah Health Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (UHEDI)’s MEDiversity Newsletter aims to be a collective source for all health equity, diversity, and inclusion news at the University of Utah. In order to accomplish this goal, we need your help with gathering the latest developments, successes, and challenges in health equity, diversity, and inclusion work from your field on campus. Do you have something you’d like to communicate on the MEDiversity Newsletter? Let us know through the form below.

Shared blog posts, articles, stories, and publications must be written by faculty, staff, trainees, or students of the university; published by an officially recognized university organization; or feature a university faculty or staff member, trainee, student, or recognized/registered/sponsored student group.

Submitted events must be sponsored by an officially recognized university department or unit; a recognized, registered or sponsored student group; student government; or a sponsored departmental or campus organization. Physical events must be scheduled in an authorized university facility in accordance with university policies and established procedures.

The MEDiversity Newsletter is distributed on the first Tuesday of each month — excluding July. Any information must be sent at least two weeks prior to this dissemination date in order to guarantee inclusion in the newsletter.