The University of Utah’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Leadership Award honors students (grades 7-12) throughout the State of Utah who demonstrate dedication to leadership in their communities and daily activities.

The 2019 Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Youth Leadership Awards, we will be focusing on the ways in which news and other mainstream media depict our communities in negative and biased ways. Over time, we are assigned roles based on those depictions. Many artists, reporters and authors are coming forward and taking on the task of representing our communities in a more accurate and realistic approach.

We are looking for students who are taking charge and representing their communities through positive and uplifting ways. The selection committee is seeking students in grades 7 through 12 who take leadership in representing themselves and their communities with their own lens, perspective, and or lived experience. Students may submit a video or audio file, digital copies of original artwork, short stories, poems, essays or any other medium that takes charge of representing their community.

The deadline to submit a nomination is December 10.

Nominate a Student

Please note: This is not a scholarship and therefore should not reflect a request for consideration for academic support.

Because there is a wide range of opportunities and abilities between those in 7th grade and those in 12th, the committee takes these differences into consideration when reviewing nominees and making selections.
Each 2019 Youth Leadership Award recipient will be honored during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration held at the University of Utah. The reception and awards ceremony will be announced on this page and to all awardees upon notification. The reception is limited to recipients, family members, teachers, counselors, friends and University personnel.

MLK Youth Leadership Awards 2019

January 23, 2019 | 2:30 PM | Union Saltair


To be announced