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Strategic Goal No. 1

Establish equity, diversity, and inclusion as an institutional imperative across the institution.

Key Strategies

  • Collaborate closely with cabinet members and other key leaders to drive equity, diversity, and inclusion-focused transformation across each administrative and academic unit.
  • Empower the EDI Strategy Council to drive change in alignment with the EDI vision for the university.

Strategic Goal No. 2

Establish internal and external EDI Learning Communities.

Key Strategies

  • Highlight the self-study toolkits as a resource for faculty and staff.
  • Position the EDI Strategy Council as an internal community designed to drive change in alignment with the EDI vision for the university.
  • Leverage marketing and communications to help to increase exposure and cultivate experiences that enrich stakeholder awareness around equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Position the New Leadership Academy as an institutional and national resource to develop aspiring and emerging leaders.

Strategic Goal No. 3

Collaborate with necessary groups to determine a pathway to incorporate equity, diversity, and inclusion goals into hiring, performance, and compensation practices and policies.

Key Strategies

  • Collaborate with cabinet and other campus partners to explore equity, diversity, and inclusion-focused change and accountability in hiring, performance, and compensation policies.