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Pride Week at the U

Pride Week at the U is an annual event honoring LGBTQIA+ histories, cultures, and lives! Join us for this week-long series of events to learn, celebrate, and be inspired. Pride Week is planned by a volunteer committee of students, faculty, trainees, and staff collaborating across the university. All are welcome to get involved and participate in Pride Week events!

We also have opportunities for departments that would like to be Pride Partners this year. Pride Partners are university departments, student organizations, and community partners who plan events adjacent to the Pride Week committee by aligning with the theme of the year and meeting deadlines to be included in Pride Week marketing. We will provide a Pride Partners mark to be included in your event marketing. If you are interested in becoming a Pride Partner, contact the LGBT Resource Center at lgbtrc@sa.utah.edu.


March 28 – April 1, 2022

The 2022 Pride Week at the U will highlight LGBTQIA+ movements and leaders who work in solidarity with multiple marginalized communities. This will include coalition with racial justice movements, defending trans communities under attack, protecting the sovereignty of indigenous nations, and building an LGBTQIA+ movement that works for the liberation of all people.  


Queer at the Intersections

This year’s theme invited us to think about LGBTQIA+ lives and topics through different intersections of identity, including race, class, and gender with opportunities to examine how LGBTQIA+ people show up in different spaces, such as being out at work, in gaming, or in the art world.

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Queeroes: Reclaiming Hero

Pride Week 2019 highlighted queeroes in modern-day, who are taking a stand against bigotry and discrimination. This year’s theme, “Queeroes: Reclaiming Hero” recognized the hero in all of us – especially the heroic efforts exerted by each LGBTQIA+ person as they live their lives every day.

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Em(body) Pride: Art. Activism. Accountability.

Pride Week 2018 featured author and spoken word artist Sonya Renee Taylor and her work around radical self-love for our bodies. “Embody Pride: Art. Activism. Accountability” was a call for folks to express, represent, and make tangible their Pride in the ways that make sense for their specific identities and bodies, particularly through different art mediums.


Queer Resistance: Revisiting Past, Reclaiming Present, Reimagining Future

This year’s Pride Week at the U explored past and present forms of resistance and imagined what queer resistance can and should encompass. This included guests Julio Salgado and J Mase III who both approach their work as a means to engage in activism that re-centers intersectional identities in movements where these are typically ignored: immigration and trans people of color.


Queering Safe Spaces

When it comes to sanctuary spaces for the LGBTQIA+ community, oftentimes these spaces are found in realms of art, athletics, or various social pockets in the community. Sanctuary spaces offer refuge and a sense of freedom, but what happens when these spaces end up excluding parts of the community or are no longer safe? This year’s theme explored the meaning of a “safe space” and how they affect those included – or excluded – in those realms. Featured guests included Jeff Sheng, Sky Cubacub, and B Cole.


Pride Week at the U

Diversity and inclusiveness are core values of the U, and Pride Week celebrates the diversity of gender and sexual identities among the larger campus community and diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community. The week’s events provided a forum to promote the visibility of and diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community, engage in dialogue around LGBTQIA+ identities and issues and provide welcoming and affirming spaces for LGBTQIA+ students, faculty and staff.


Imagine U: Beyond Marriage, Moving Forward

This year’s theme focused on living authentically by achieving equality beyond marriage and gender expectations. Keynote Laverne Cox shared personal experiences to explore how the intersections of race, class, and gender affect the lives of transgender women of color.


Pride Has Many Voices

This year’s Pride Week at the U explored the diversity and intersectionality within the LGBTQIA+ community. This included a panel on trans identity in diverse communities and performance and Q&A with Dan Savage.


Pride Has No Borders

The theme for the week was “Pride Has No Borders.” Some of the more notable events included: A special production of “Geography Club” was put on by the Theatre Department; bingo night with the Cyber Sluts; showing and discussion of the documentary “Transgender Basics—Gender Identity Project (GIP)”; a panel discussion on the intersection of immigration and LGBTQIA+ identities; the annual Gay-la and Silent Auction.


Are U Out?

Pride Week at the University of Utah celebrates the contributions of LGBT students, faculty and alumni who enrich the culture of the campus and community. Together, we work to create an educational environment that fosters greater understanding and respect for all people. This year celebrated the remodel for the LGBT Resource Center and welcomed nationally-renowned gender rights activist Pauline Park and Broadway performer Staceyann Chin to campus.


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