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Pow Wow
Weaving Communities and Making Connections


Pow Wow · April 13

Celebrating U Completely
Graduate Celebration


April 29, 2024 @ 5 p.m.

AAPI Heritage: Mosaic or Monolith?


Reframing the Conversation · Apr. 17 @ 12 p.m.


June 28, 2024

New EDI Scorecard highlights the impact of EDI initiatives


Exposure to diverse perspectives in higher education cultivates critical thinking skills, prepares students for the multicultural workforce, and nurtures a global mindset.

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Let’s build a campus community together where you know U belong.

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Celebrating U Completely

animation of interlocking Us spinning to become the Celebrating U Completely mark

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) encourages everyone to affirm and celebrate all our unique characteristics across multiple backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences. Celebrating U Completely aims to promote the positive contributions of every student, faculty, trainee, and staff person at the U—and highlight the varied and valuable perspectives, talents, and skills that add to the dynamic and inspiring culture of the university. By affirming our differences, acknowledging our challenges, and rooting ourselves in our shared humanity we will move forward as one university community that fosters a welcoming campus climate where every individual knows they belong.

Indigenous hope for the climate

The Sustainability Office partnered with the Indigenous Women’s Collective to discuss Indigenous epistemologies and beliefs, offering hope to all participants amidst the ongoing climate crisis.