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Chosen Names on U Card

Implemented August 2016

All students, staff, and faculty may have their chosen name on their U Card. Students need only update the “Preferred Name” field on CIS before going to the U Card Office. Staff and Faculty should ask their HR Representative to update their “Preferred Name” on PeopleSoft.

The U Card Office has agreed to waive any fees associated with getting a replacement U Card. Please note that one’s legal last name is still currently required on the back of the U Card.

You are not required to list your legal name on the front of your UCard. To have your UCard printed with your chosen name, tell the staff member printing your card you go by a different name. LGBT Resource Center staff is here to assist you with this process and are happy to go to the U Card office with you if you prefer.

If you are told you cannot use your chosen name on your U Card – do not proceed with getting your card. Contact the LGBT Resource Center and we will assist you through this process.


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