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Diverse Staff Hiring

Implemented November 2015

Diverse staff hiring is equally as important as diverse faculty hiring to ensure the growth of our campus and to cultivate creative thoughts, ideas, and experiences. Currently, the Humans Resources Office at the U is happy to be a part of this initiative and will help guide the Universities efforts on a strategic plan.

Spring 2016

The Assistant Vice President of Workforce Planning for Human Resources led engagement with University Neighborhood Partners and Diverse Staff Hiring Advisory Committee. During these times, the Division of Human Resources Recruitment Coordinator hosted a job seeker workshop, conducted resume review and referrals for participants seeking employment at the U, and sat on community meetings to discuss employment hurdles for disadvantaged community members.

Spring 2018

The Division of Human Resources Recruitment Manager served on 22 leadership position search committees — providing training and consultation to search chairs and committee members on inclusive hiring practices and mitigating bias in the search process.

April 2019

In spring 2019, President Ruth Watkins launched the strategy refresh initiative, a campus-wide, participatory process, to develop a strategic plan for the University of Utah for 2020-2025. This included a commitment to increase diversity at the U by 35%.

Summer 2019

The Division of Human Resources developed an “Inclusive Hiring Strategies” presentation and materials to be shared with departments and HR professionals upon request.

February 2020

The Division of Human Resources partnered with the Vice President for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion to develop a guiding questions training document for writing position descriptions and advertisements in order to weave concepts of equity, diversity, and inclusion into recruitment.


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