One U Thriving


LORDE Scholars Program

Implemented August 2016

The LORDE Scholars program is a retention initiative that provides students from underrepresented backgrounds (sophomore year and above) with structured support to achieve academic success and personal development, through a holistic approach and high impact practices.

The LORDE Scholars program allows students to engage in a variety of opportunities that the University of Utah has to offer, while building a close connection to an individual that mentors them. Our goal is achieved when we are alongside our LORDE Scholars in their journey towards graduation every step of the way. This program focuses on the following: acculturation to the university, leadership development, culture and intersecting identities, service, research, internships, career readiness, FAM/FEM/MENtorship, and financial literacy. The Scholars meet twice a month, and the material we discuss does come from a critical perspective using some of the works of Audre Lorde.


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