13 Responses

In Fall 2015, the University of Utah held an open forum to address relations with our students from underrepresented communities on campus. The result of that forum was the following 13 initiatives.

You can also learn more by visiting the 13 Responses website.

Diversity Education for Faculty and Staff

A campus-wide committee is working to develop diversity education for faculty and staff. 

New Diverse Student Space in the Union

The Center for Ethnic Student Affairs has been given expanded space for students to gather and study in the Union. 

Money for Diverse Student Groups

We have identified additional financial support for Student Equity and Diversity groups in support of high school conferences and travel funding to enhance student development.

Faculty Hiring Initiative

In the fall of 2016 we were joined by 19 new faculty members and post-doctoral fellows from underrepresented backgrounds.

Diverse Staff Hiring

This has been in the talking phase since the summer of 2015. The head of HR is on board to help develop.

Mentoring for Faculty and Staff

We have fostered a new faculty mentoring project, currently underway in the College of Humanities as a pilot effort.

Responding to Microaggressions

We have increased staff resources in the Office for Inclusive Excellence.

Student Diversity Council

The Student Diversity Council is comprised of representatives from each of our diverse student groups on campus. Campus leadership is meeting regularly with the newly formed Council.

Diversity-in-Progress Website

We are planning to launch Diversity in Progress, a website that tracks university diversity initiatives in service of open communication across campus. This site will help maintain vigilance and accountability as our efforts continue in the months and years ahead.

Diversity Coalition Group

The Diversity Coalition Group, which includes representatives from all major diversity groups on 
campus, is meeting on a regular basis.

Diversity Scholars into Honors College

Diversity Scholars and the Honors College are partnering to increase participation of 
underrepresented students in the Honors program

$1 Million Endowment for American Indian Scholarship

With donor support, we have established new scholarship funding for Native American 

School for Cultural and Social Transformation

In the fall of 2016 we launched the School for Cultural and Social Transformation, which includes 
the divisions of Ethnic Studies and Gender Studies. The divisions are now capable of tenuring, making their own hires, granting degrees, and governing curriculum. The School will be located in the new OSH once…