Office for Equity and Diversity

Kathryn Bond Stockton

Associate VP for Equity & Diversity

If Kathryn could play the guitar, she would literally be a rock star. Yes, she is that cool! She's well known as a scholar in literature, feminist theory, and queer theory, but as far as we're concerned, she is an awesome boss with a quirky personality and a major sweet side.

Park 204

Nicole R. Robinson

Assistant Vice President for Equity & Diversity

Park 120

Jennifer Aoyagi Bangerter

Director of Budgeting & Faculty Recruitment

We here in OED feel like Jenn's title doesn't quite capture her awesome. Although she does manage the budget and faculty recruitment, she's also a master strategist and a clear thinker. Top that with a dry sense of humor and a highly formed vocabulary, and you can start to see why we just can't do without her!

Park 120

Marina Tijerino

Executive Assistant

When Marina isn’t at work, you might be able to find her pursuing her wickedly cool hobby as a singer/songwriter. Her dream is to start her own label uplifting black and brown queer/trans artists and musicians. Also, if her photo wasn’t a giveaway, Princess Mononoke is her absolute favorite movie of all time. We challenge you to a quote-off with her!

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Creative Marketing & Development

Neelam Chand

Director of Marketing

Neelam is our rockstar marketer whose job ranges from writing press releases about our major news and events to interfacing with donors and getting us on the map. Neelam has been with our team since late 2012, and she continues to make ground- breaking changes to our department with her passion and drive.

Park 120

Mindy Johnston

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Our creative-mastermind-in-residence is Mindy. Think of any awesome poster you have seen around campus. She most likely designed it. Guess who was behind this pretty sweet website? Yup! If you need any help with a design for marketing, she’s your girl!

Park 120

Estela Hernandez

PR & Events Specialist

Estela provides her spectacular expertise across campus by coordinating events and generating press releases. This all sounds very complicated, and it is! But luckily for us, Estela not only does mind-blowing work, she does it with style. (And patience!) Plus, where would we be without her timely sarcasm?

Park 204

Kaya Aman

Web & Design Student Assistant

Kaya is a brilliant designer with a ridiculously sweet personality. Add in that she's also learning all about the web world, and pretty soon she will be totally unstoppable! With her talents, I wouldn't be surprised if a madman in a blue box recruited her to help him save the world... again.

Park 120

Hamza Yaqoobi

Marketing Student Assistant

Hamza relishes a good thrill, be it horror movies or jumping out of a plane. He’s been skydiving and wants to experience wingsuiting next. Outside of his studies in business and involvement with the Afghan Student Union, he works with and stewards our donors. Oh, and he would most likely be reincarnated as a water bender.

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Center for Ethnic Student Affairs (CESA)

Tricia Sugiyama

Engaged Learning Director

As head of leadership, education, and coordination of student diversity support programs, Tricia directs all goals, guidelines, and initiatives in SED. While a proud member of an active book club…er…audio book club and fan of fishing, she still manages to co-advise for the AASA and reserves a high-five for each of her diversity students at graduation! Will there be one for you?

Union 235

Feleti Matagi

Director of Student Services
Meet with

He’s a huge movie admirer. Just ask him. Favorite sci-fi film? The Matrix. Favorite horror film? Paranormal Activity. He could go on and on. Luckily for you his passion is in helping students like you get the most out of your education through scholarships and outreach.

Union 235

Paul Fisk

Transfer Coordinator & Advisor
Meet with

Our very own Super Saiyan advises current and potential transfer students from SLCC, Snow College, and the U. [Power-up Intensifies] On top of that, Paul co-advises the transfer honor society, Tau Sigma, and AASA and assists in events, workshops, and classes related to transfer students throughout the year! [Power-up level and number of transfer students grow] It’s over 9,000!

Union 235

David (Tevita) Kinikini

Family Support Coordinator & Advisor

Rudy Medina

First Year Coordinator & Advisor
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Rudy is a Warriors and Raiders fan who likes to hike and read. While head of the Diversity Scholars Program, he also finds time to advise M.E.Ch.A. and work with student leaders.

Union 235

Anthony Shirley

Outreach Coordinator & Advisor
Meet with

Anthony can do and loves everything. Really. From operating as the outreach representative, taking adventures (boating, four-wheeling, hiking, etc.), teaching Navajo language and culture, adding to his 100+ Barbie doll collection (film editions only, of course!), co-advising the ITSA, tending his salsa and mint garden, and advising students like you. Aren’t you lucky?!

Union 235

Portia Saulabiu

Retention Coordinator & Advisor
Meet with

Portia works to support and advocate for the success of fantastic students in CESA - like you - to ensure you demonstrate your intelligence and resilience, stay connected on campus, and graduate from the U! She enjoys a good laugh, painting, crafting, and showing off her dance moves. Plus her baking game is on point (requests accepted). She even shares her joy for students by advising BSU. #Magic

Union 235

Juan José Garcia

Graduate Assistant & Advisor
Meet with
Juan José

Juan José is a folklorist who loves to listen to people’s stories and dance all night to EDM/Dance music. He has a beautiful supportive partner and three awesome kids. And just between us, his guilty pleasure is watching Telenovelas (Spanish soap operas).

Union 235

Kathy Tran

Transfer Program Graduate Assistant

Kathy is in charge of keeping an efficient environment in CESA. She is a graduate student in History and Gender & Sexuality Studies who loves napping, rock climbing, trail running, and her Labrador furbabies.

Union 235

Anita Juarez

Diversity Scholars Program Graduate Assistant

Anita believes in the power of reimagining and working towards better futures by prioritizing the wellbeing of our youth and children. That's why she loves learning with and from them. Some of Anita's favorite things to do are listening to music, going to concerts, writing poetry, and spending time with loved ones back in Los Angeles.

Union 235

AnaJenny Fernandez

Office Assistant

AnaJenny is the first friendly face you see when you walk into CESA. As student staff, she is proactive, intelligent, fierce and perceptive. Some of her favorite things include the color black, wrestling and babies.

Union 235

LGBT Resource Center

Kai Medina-Martinez

Director of LGBT Resource Center

While keeping an eye out for a good deal, free goodies, or fancy shoes, Kai has a lot under their belt and a lot going on. They have 20 years experience as a social worker and are continuing their education as a current doctoral student in ELP Wait ‘til they got tying a bowtie down, there will be no stopping them!

Union 409

Gabriella Blanchard

Coordinator of Education and Outreach

Gabriella is a proud "mombot" of two long-haired queer spawn, fighting against oppression the best ways any 2 young activists can. She has a passion for social justice, social healing, trauma-informed community building, centering femmes, and getting away with whatever she can. She is an idealist committed to justice work.

Union 409

Bree Peacock

Executive Secretary

Bree recently relocated from Indiana, and is enjoying seeing mountains in the distance instead of cornfields. She graduated from Indiana University with a degree in photography/graphic design. She is passionate about LGBTQ activism, hiking and traveling, and reading books about the Pacific Crest Trail.

Union 409

Bethany Runsten

Graduate Assistant

Bethany earned her B.A. in Global Studies from University of the Pacific in California in 2017, and enjoys superheroes, pilates, learning about different countries, and considering the connections between gender, sexuality, and culture.

Union 409

Lenny Liechty

Student Staff

Lenny is a student in Middle Eastern Studies who hopes to make a positive impact by practicing medicine within displaced populations in the Near East and North Africa. Lenny believes in the realization of equity and equality through Social Justice, queer and trans activism, and embracing cultural identities.

Union 409

Andrew Hayes

Student Staff

Andrew is a second year student at the University of Utah. As part of the LGBT Resource Center he hopes to expand dialogue about sexuality and gender in the pedagogical sphere, and, on a broader scale, affect status quo ideology. In his free time Andrew enjoys exploring the outdoors, reading post-modern philosophy and watching wacky films.

Union 409

American Indian Resource Center (AIRC)

Franci Taylor (Choctaw)

Director of the American Indian Resource Center

As a mother of two, grandmother of five, and auntie to many, Franci has always wanted the best for others. She has dedicated the last 25 years towards increasing access for all under-represented students and American Indian education. She’s definitely an asset to our team!


School for Cultural and Social Transformation

Ethnic Studies

Ed Munoz

Director of Ethnic Studies

Ed is not only our director of the Ethnic Studies Program, but also an associate professor of ethnic studies and sociology. When he’s not being scholarly, Ed is busy taxiing his two daughters to and from swim meets and dance classes or watching Husker football. Go Huskers…oh, and Utah!

Bu C 308

Elizabeth Archuleta

Academic Program Manager

From mentoring undergrad students to coordinating recruitment activities to teaching ethnic studies classes to serving on various university committees, Elizabeth keeps things running smoothly in the Ethnic Studies Program. When the zombie apocalypse is upon us, we know who will be giving orders, especially since she’s already preparing!

Bu C 308

Maria Morales

Administrative Assistant

Maria is a native Texan whose main goals are to help you have the best experience in your academic career and reach your potential. She can help you with just about anything; permission codes to add classes, schedule student meeting space, message your professor when all else fails, get you in touch with student advisors, offer directions when lost, and if nothing else - a friendly hello!

Bu C 308

Gender Studies

Susie Porter

Director of Gender Studies

Susie embodies the word “passionate”. She’s a mother, director, instructor, and Westside Leadership Institute Member and has many publications in English and Spanish (she’s fluent!). Her feminism does not require you to put the toilet seat down…but you might want to!

215 BLDG 44

Kim Hackford-Peer

Associate Director of Gender Studies

At a towering 5’2”, this fan of walking her dog Fritz, building Legos and mowing her lawn, mentors graduate TA’s, advises gender studies students, serves on multiple committees/councils, and teaches various classes within the GS Program and the Gender Justice Scholars Program (she’s a co-founder!). Someone get her an intern!

216 BLDG 44

Cassie Power

Community Engaged Learning Manager

Cassie teaches and works with students on social justice oriented community work. As a co-founder of Gender Justice Scholars Program, current board president for ACLU of Utah, and collaborator with Go Girlz and other college access programs, she is definitely a HUGE contributor in the social justice community.

217 BLDG 44

Pat Ross

Administrative Assistant

With the help from her mighty desk phone, she keeps everything on task and moving efficiently in the Gender Studies Office. An epic administrative assistant by day and crafty quilter by night, it’s Pat Ross, the Administrative Assistant of Gender Studies! Wham! She schedules GS courses! Swoosh! Answers and relays phone calls! Ka-pow! How does she do it? Who knows?! It’s Pat Ross!

218 BLDG 44