Interfaith and Belonging

Interfaith is a vital part of our country’s history—a refuge for communities fleeing religious persecution and the world’s first religiously diverse democracy. Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion will be partnering with Interfaith America (IA), a Chicago-based non-profit that supports American colleges and universities’ efforts to engage religious diversity and promote interfaith cooperation as a campus-wide priority.

For many people, faith practices are an important part of the human experience—shaping their values and behaviors and affecting the communities they feel connected to. At the University of Utah, we believe in the importance of creating wider tables where everyone has a seat—and where we are all participating in fostering a sense of belonging for everyone.

“Institutions of higher education … have both the opportunity and the responsibility to provide curricular and cocurricular learning experiences that offer practice in speaking across religious, political, and social differences, embracing diversity as an essential component of educational excellence.”

Lynn Pasquerella, President
Association of American Colleges & Universities

To live up to our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion, we must make room for those of diverse faith practices as well as those who do not observe or practice as a personal choice. Interfaith Alliance explains that “the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment guarantees every American the ability to make their own decisions about religion—to affirm, embrace, and practice the religion of their choice or refrain from participation as a matter of conscience and conviction.” This freedom to choose and practice remains one of our most important liberties.