Center for Equity and Student Belonging


The Center for Equity and Student Belonging (CESB) creates community and advocates for academic success and belonging for students across all individual identities and experiences among our underrepresented populations. CESB’s early belonging initiative serves as the as the first stop for belonging at the University of Utah, builds community, and positions students for success after college.

Sense of Belonging

In the Center for Equity & Student Belonging, we strive to ensure every student feels a sense of belonging here at the University of Utah. To accomplish this we ground our work and curriculum in four main areas of belonging. Each of our programs and initiatives strive to address multiple facets of belonging through out the academic year to intentionally develop students sense of belonging at the U.

Personal Belonging

  • Identity Development
  • Asset Articulation
  • Strength Development
  • Personal & Cultural Confidence
  • Emotional Intelligence

Social Belonging

  • Cross-Cultural Engagement
  • Cultural Affirmation
  • Family/Support System Engagement
  • Social Activism
  • Civic Engagement
  • Leadership Development
  • Campus Engagement
  • Study Groups
  • Social Confidence

Academic Belonging

  • Academic Exploration
  • Promoting the Joy of Learning
  • Academic Skills Development
  • Academic Research
  • Community-based Learning
  • Academic Engagement
  • Conference Attendance & Participation
  • Academic Confidence

Post-Graduate Belonging

  • Graduate School Exploration
  • Career Exploration
  • Internships
  • Early Alumni Engagement

Location/Space Details

Located in the A. Ray Olpin Student Union in room 235 which is located in the student involvement wing. The main office includes study spaces with computers and a printer for students to access, gathering spaces, a fridge and microwave that students are welcome to use and we always have an “Advisor On Duty” which is staffed by our wonderful coordinators and program managers to ensure students have access to a staff member during all business hours.

Upcoming Events

Our Team

Cassie Zamora-Cathcart


Director, Center for Equity & Student Belonging

Union 235-J

Alejandro Rodriguez


Scholarship Coordinator

Union 235

Anna Nguyen


Asian/Asian American Student Engagement Coordinator

Union 235

Joseline Sanchez


Early Belonging Coordinator

Union 235

Giulia Soto


First- & Second-Year Experience Coordinator

Union 235

Martha Hernandez


Utah Opportunity Scholars Coordinator

Union 235

Lucas Alvarez


Latine Engagement & Diversity Scholars Coordinator

Union 235

Kaleb Ford


Black/African Diaspora Student Engagement Coordinator

Union 235

Kyri Ungatavinekent Duncan


Native/Indigenous Student Engagement Coordinator

Union 235

Fabi Madrigal


EDI Embedded Mental Health Specialist

SSB 426