MLK Youth Leadership Awards

The University of Utah’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Leadership Award honors outstanding students from across the State of Utah, grades 7 through 12, for their dedication to the beliefs of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through community service and leadership. Each Awardee is honored during the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Week held at the University of Utah.

Students in grades 7-11 are nominated and selected for the standard award, including a celebratory event hosted at the university along with a certificate of recognition, and U memorabilia. University of Utah scholarships will be offered up to five high school seniors in addition to the standard awards.

Scholarship Details

The MLK Youth Leadership Award Selection Committee may select a maximum of three high school seniors to receive a tuition scholarship from U Alumni. Students who receive the MLK Youth Leadership Award during their 7-11th grade years may reapply, as new applicants, during their senior year of high school to compete for the scholarship. All scholarship disbursements will go through U Alumni. Students will be required to complete the necessary paperwork with U Alumni. All scholarship funds are subject to approval from U Alumni and/or University Advancement. Please review the specific requirements and details below.

  • Total scholarship will be $8,000 per student over four years ($2,000 per year).
  • The student must enroll at the University of Utah by August 2024 to receive the scholarship prize.
  • Scholarship funds are for tuition expenses only.
  • There is no financial need or academic requirement for the MLK YLA scholarship or standard award.
  • There is no academic requirement for MLK Youth Leadership Award.