Powwow 2017
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The University of Utah’s Inter-Tribal Student Association presents the 45th Annual Powwow on April 7 & 8 in the Union Ballroom. The term “powwow” originates from a Narragansett word, pau wau. It became an instrumental platform for passing down knowledge such as language, song, dance and medicine. Today, the Powwow at the U is an opportunity for tribal members throughout the Intermountain West and others to meet to honor the cultural and religious practices of the American Indian community. The ceremonial Grand Entry is a cultural and spiritual tradition where a parade of participants enters the dance circle hosted by northern and southern drummers. Although the Powwow is free and open to the public, the organizers encourage attendees to be mindful, respectful and adhere to proper powwow etiquette.

  • April 7
  • 6:00 PM
  • Union Ballroom
  • Registration - 6 PM
    Grand Entry - 7 PM
  • Powwow Etiquette
  • April 8
  • 10:00 AM
  • Union Ballroom
  • Registration - 10 AM
    Grand Entry - 12 PM
    Dinner Break - 5 PM
    Grand Entry - 6 PM
  • Specials & Head Staff
Thank you to our committee members and sponsors!
  • Committee Members:
  • Haliee Roberts
  • Byron Clah
  • Racheal Ivy
  • Anthony Shirley
  • Emily Plumage
  • Chalmer Gambler
  • Jesse Wyasket
  • Sponsors:
  • Inter-tribal Student Association
  • American Indian Resource Center
  • Office for Equity and Diversity
  • College of Social Work
  • Health Equity and Inclusion
  • Honors College
  • American West Center
  • Paradise Cafe on 400 South
  • Native American Trading Post
  • Harmons at Emigration
  • Fresh Market on Parley's