The following is not a comprehensive list of all available scholarships, rather a guide to some that are available for University of Utah students. If you have questions, please contact Anthony Shirley:

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Chicano Scholarship Fund

Apply to the Chicano Scholarship Fund

In 1973, in honor of the ideals and principles of equal opportunity and social justice in education, a group of Chicana/os comprised of members from the community and University of Utah students, staff, and faculty initiated the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund at the University of Utah. Committed to all students of diversity who promote the cultural pride and tradition of the Chicana/o-Latina/o community, the Chicana/o Scholarship Fund recognizes and assists students in their undergraduate and/or graduate education endeavors.

The Chicana/o Scholarship Fund awards graduating high school seniors (who will be entering their freshman year), undergraduate students, and graduate students at the University of Utah. Eligible students are selected on the basis of family background, life challenges, scholastic effort and involvement in community activities that promote cultural pride and strengthen the Chicana/o-Latina/o community. Financial need may strongly influence the final selection:

To qualify for the scholarship, applicants must be:

  • Admitted to the University of Utah as a full-time undergraduate or graduate student, AND resident of the state of Utah (minimum of 5 years).
  • Eligible to receive federal financial aid, OR a Dreamer (with or without DACA) who graduated from a high school in Utah.

Utah Opportunity Scholarship

Apply to the Utah Opportunity Scholarship

The University of Utah recognizes that a racially/ethnically diverse student body benefits and enriches the educational experiences of all students, faculty, and staff. Thus, we strive to recruit students who will further enrich this diversity, and make every attempt to support their academic and personal success while they are here. In support of this goal, the Utah Opportunity Scholarship (UOS) will be offered to entering freshmen that reside in the Greater Salt Lake City area. Eligible applicants are first-generation college students and/or those with demonstrated financial need. Whenever possible, scholars will be selected from applicants whose ethnic background is under-represented in higher education in Utah. Other attributes we seek are students that have community service or community leadership. Selected applicants must also be accepted to the University of Utah.

The Utah Opportunity Scholarship award includes the following benefits:

  • $8000.00 per year for 8 semesters towards tuition, fees and books
  • Student support through academic advising and student programming

This Scholarship is renewable for up to eight semesters. To renew this award, students must qualify annually by maintaining satisfactory academic achievement and make acceptable progress toward a Bachelor’s degree and abide by the University of Utah, Student Code of Conduct. Students must also continue to qualify for Financial Aid (FAFSA) each year.

To qualify for this scholarship, applicants must be:

  • Graduating from a Utah high school
  • Admitted to the University of Utah
  • Eligible for Utah residency status for the academic year for which they are applying
  • Eligible to receive federal financial aid (FAFSA)

Other Scholarships

Dream Center

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The Dream Center at the University of Utah Office of Engagement provides scholarship support and resources for current and future University of Utah undocumented students (with or without DACA).


Find scholarships

To apply to the Chicano Scholarship Fund, the Utah Opportunity Scholarship and other scholarships at the University of Utah, students need to access the AcademicWorks scholarship system. The system allows for students to search for our scholarships and other scholarships. Student can search scholarships by scholarship name, Utah Opportunity Scholarship, Chicano Scholarship Fund and others. Students can also utilize keywords when searching for scholarships, housing, diversity and/or minority. Students can also search by ethnicity, race, gender, major and/or interests. Pay attention to all descriptions and criteria. Be prepared to submit supporting documents, official transcripts, essay, letter of recommendation(s) and/or resume.