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Although technically these programs come out of Student Equity and Diversity as a whole, several of the staff members that run these programs are located in our center.

First Year Diversity Scholars

The First Year Diversity Scholars Program supports students through a personalized campus orientation, regular interactions with faculty and staff of color, academic advising, multiple mentoring relationships, and off-campus community engagement opportunities. Most notably, the program is implemented as a cohort model that includes traditional admitted students, sponsored students, and scholarship students.

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Transfer Diversity Scholars

Our Transfer Diversity Scholars Program’s goal is to help with successfully transferring to and navigating the U of U. We provide services, resources, and community to help accomplish your goals and further your education.

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Our Advisors and Staff

Tricia Sugiyama

Engaged Learning Director
Union 235

Feleti Matagi

Director of Student Services
Union 235
Meet with Feleti

Paul Fisk

Transfer Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Paul

David (Tevita) Kinikini

Family Support Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with David (Tevita)

Rudy Medina

First Year Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Rudy

Anthony Shirley

Outreach Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Anthony

Portia Saulabiu

Retention Coordinator & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Portia

Juan José Garcia

Graduate Assistant & Advisor
Union 235
Meet with Juan José

Kathy Tran

Transfer Program Graduate Assistant
Union 235

AnaJenny Fernandez

Office Assistant
Union 235